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Bizarre experiences

Bizarre – brand new 1000 square meters restaurant complex in the Old Town of Vilnius.
The first floor is dedicated to the east culture. Here you can dine under Balinese umbrellas that will bring you good luck and protection. Sit next to the mysterious statue of Buddha or feel the spirit of antique India while enjoying your meal. Beside authentic Japanese sake barrels you will find our already famous hedgehog lights. Inseparable from the inferior is the the Pan-Asian / Peruvian cuisine which will leave you the complete impression of eastern culture.
Second floor is about glamor, radiance and all that jazz. It is Hollywood, it is live music, it is dancing, it is romance. Interior adapts to your mood: from relaxing dinner with your loved ones or buzz of engaging conversations to whirls of swing, jazz and délicieux drinks at spectacular bar. Menu is European fusion, which is dominated by the Mediterranean cuisine. Every evening we have fresh market that serves fresh fish and seafood of the day.




On Saturdays & Sundays we invite you for late breakfast from 12:00 to 16:00.

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Bizarre ♡